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A lot about living well in a small space is about what NOT to buy, but just as importantly, it is about BUYING SMART. Some of these products might seem irrelevant (i.e. small laundry baskets... really???) but please READ the reasons/reviews before passing judgment or passing over a product. Sometimes it's the little purchases that make a HUGE difference. Since we are still under contstruction, more products are being added daily... but these links DO work... and the products do too!!!
Disclosure: Affiliate links below. This means we might earn a SMALL commission from s qualifying purchases. It won't cost you a penny extra and we won't get rich.... But, we MIGHT make enough for a cup of coffee and IF/when  we do... we'll sip that cup of coffee happy that someone, somewhere has a great new item that we KNOW they are enjoying! Cheers!!

These laundry baskets are the PERFECT size!!! They easily fit through narrow doors and hallways and into small closets. These are something I wish I'd always had... We have a tiny set of stairs going down to our basement laundry room... I cannot begin to tell you how many time I cursed those stairs while maneuvering a too big laundry basket, awkwardly turned lengthwise, just to fit. These were such a simple purchase and such a simple solution!  When reading all the positive reviews I even noticed someone claiming that they actually stay more caught up on laundry with these baskets. I thought "yeh right, there's no logical reason why the laundry basket would be the difference maker on staying up to date with laundry".... but.... 6 months later after purchase... I am here to tell you that it's TRUE!!!  All I can attribute it to is that they are so perfectly sized and hold just the right amount of laundry that it never seems like too big a commitment to wash or to fold the clothes in it (or even carry it down those narrow stairs) and so I am here to go on record that through no other life-changing event, it appears these laundry baskets are not only perfectly sized for small spaces, they are the EXACT right size for keeping up with your laundry. And you get 6 of them for a great price! They stack beautifully and are comfortable to hold. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  And who says that about a laundry basket?!?!?!

Laundry Basket
Life Changing Magic
Folding bed frame

If you have a small space, then under bed storage can be a lifesaver! What I LOVE about this bed frame is that it is set high enough to eliminate the need for a box spring and you gain than addional space as storage. The height works perfectly for full size storage tubs, file, boxes, or whatever else you need so stow away. I wouldn't use this for a king master bed, but I would (and have!) used it for a kids room, or guest/returning college kid bed. It's supportive, extremely easy to put together and works perfectly! See here for more pics of how I have put this bed to use in my own house.

I can't say enough good things about this book! I have written about it in several blog posts and it is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to bring peace and beauty to their space and love being home.  Although the book is not about small spaces per se, it is about keeping only items in your life that spark joy, which is an extremely important life lesson, especially for small space dwellers. I love how the book has an almost spiritual element to it, claiming that what you love will naturally find a place in your home. I also love the approach to tackling the STUFF of our lives category at a time... once and for all. As dull as the title sounds, it is truly one of the most life-changing books I have experienced. It completely kicked "reorganizing" to the curb, and ushered in a new era of peace, harmony, and beauty into my household. The author doesn't have children and so at times I felt her method lacked a little foresight into the challenges of family life, but I addressed what I feel she missed here. Unquestionably, the author is onto something! 


If you are big seltzer drinkers (like us!), then what are you waiting for if you don't already own this product?! Forget space consuming seltzer cans or bottles... just create your own seltzer with your own tap water in a couple of reusable bottles. You can get more bottles if you have more people in your household. This is a great set because it sets you up with two refillable CO2 cartridges, so you can always have a new one handy. Your local bed and  bath store will carry replacement cartridges for about $15 ($10 if you have the $5 off $15 coupon). For us, the cartidge lasts almost a month and we have practically eliminated cans in our house now. What a space saver AN D a money saver... win! win!

These are some of my favorite rugs. from Christmas Tree Shops! They can transform a space inexpensively!

Small Space Place

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